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Map of 2010 Route
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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 41: Goodbye Illinois, Hello Indiana

It started seriously storming around midnight last night and kept storming through a good chunk of the day. We were headed to South Bend, IN, our 8th state. But once again the storms forced us into the van and off the bikes. I said Matt Sheehan must be bad luck, both times we have stayed with him we've had storms, but of course I was just kidding. Matt is hosting us again, as he goes to Notre Dame Law School. So we eventually got to South Bend after trying to wait out the storms, but to no avail.

It eventually cleared up, but didn't leave us with enough time to make up all the miles, so we all took a bike tour around the town and around campus. I ended up watching a Lacrosse game on the practice football field for awhile until I met up with Matt, who gave me a real tour of campus and of the Law Buildings.

Touchdown Jesus.
I also went for a run to let off some steam from a frustrating day and to get a workout in. I think I'm going to start my running schedule back up since our days are generally getting shorter mileage wise and we have more rest days built in for the East Coast. I also need to start my training for the Chicago Marathon, which is in a little less than 3 months!

After we were all cleaned up, we headed to an Irish Pub type restaurant called Fiddler's Hearth. It had great food and live entertainment, so that keep us entertained for the night. The idea of going to Toledo tomorrow was tossed out there, but we decided against it considering it was somewhere in the range of 150+ miles.

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