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Map of 2010 Route
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Friday, July 23, 2010

Day 40: CUBS WIN

Today we went to the Cubs game, and they actually won. I was born and raised a Cubs fan, anything else was pretty much unacceptable in my family. The atmosphere is great though, and the games are always a good time, win or lose. I'm pretty sure Mike was in culture shock by how many people were filing off the EL at the Addison stop and the masses of people swarming Wrigleyville. It is a very, very cool experience (in my opinion). Luckily we had seats in the shade and didn't roast in the sun all day.

The EL Stop.
It's Harry Caray again!
The game started off with a home run with 2 more to follow in the next few innings. It was a Cubs vs. Cardinals game, big rivalry so lots of red and blue attire mixed together in the stadium today. Ernie Banks sang the 7th inning stretch too, so that was pretty sweet.

My brother Grant and I.

After the game, we hiked down to The Wiener Circle, a famous hot dog place. It's famous for its late night rowdiness and purposefully rude service. And I think it has a great Chicago style hot dog as well. Then we caught the train back and conked out for the ride home. Another great and exhausting day.
Definitely dragged my feet packing back up when we got back home.


  1. I hope you treated the family, Grant especially, to a chocolate shake with his char dog. Great game too! The Cubs snapped the Cards big win streak, always a plus.

  2. No chocolate shakes...too early in the night. hahahaha.


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