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Map of 2010 Route

Map of 2010 Route
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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 4: Goodbye California, Hello Nevada

We actually had a pretty easy day today, which was nice after yesterday and will give us a chance to recover a bit. We had a slow morning and rolled out of South Lake Tahoe around 10. There was only 33 miles between us and our next destination, Carson City, NV. We took our time since we wouldn't be on our bikes for long today and talked to some people and took pictures along the way. We had a little bit of a climb the first leg of the trip, but nothing compared to yesterday. We reached our peak at Spooner Summit: 7,146 feet. The views today were amazing again, with mountains surrounding us and the lake on our side.
Lake Tahoe and the Mountains.

The group by Lake Tahoe.

We cruised down the mountain for the last 10 miles. I always feel bad when we're speeding down on one side and other bikers are on their way up on the other side, because we've been there and we know how it feels. When we reached the bottom, we were able to look back and pretty much stare in awe at what was behind us and what we had accomplished in the last few days. We're out of California now and into Nevada.

All of us at the California/Nevada state line.

Then we had a nice lunch compliments of The Firkin & Fox, found somewhere to stay for the night, and took some much needed naps. The rest of the night will be spent planning out tomorrow's route and enjoying the downtime.

An awesome dog named Lucy who lives at the business next to our place for the night.

On a side note, Butt Butter saved my life today and probably will for the rest of the trip. I've unfortunately become the victim of some pretty awful chaffing, which I kinda expected, but never considered its effects on the comfort during long days on the bike. We'll just say it's not the most pleasant experience. So thank you Chamois Butt'r, you're a lifesaver.

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