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Map of 2010 Route

Map of 2010 Route
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Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 5: The Oasis of Nevada

The welcome sign to Fallon, NV deems the town as "The Oasis of Nevada." However, after we leave this oasis, we will continue on the stretch of U.S. Route 50 known as the Loneliest Road in America because of its remoteness - the next town is not for 110 miles.

U.S. Route 50 from Carson City to Fallon

But until then we will enjoy two days in Fallon, tomorrow being our first rest day. We are being put up by the Epworth United Methodist Church and its congregation.

Today (unfortunately), was my turn to drive. I say unfortunately, because although it's nice to have a recovery day, I'd much rather be out there biking with the rest of the group especially since I'll have two days off in a row with the rest day. But we all have to rotate, so I drove to the church, met with some of the members, and unloaded the car. The group arrived shortly after I finished up, with another 70ish miles behind them. I was ancy, so I ended up biking a total of 1 mile to the Post Office and back, whooo hoooo!

Not much of an eventful day, but we're working on discovering what Fallon has to offer, exploring the possibilities of going to a rodeo, a benefit concert, the nuclear weapons testing area, or a hike to Grimes Point to see 8,000 year old rock carvings.

We also went back to Tahoe last night to grab some dinner at The Naked Fish, a sushi bar. I'm not familiar with sushi at all, so this was my first experience with some raw fish and caviar toppings. Yikes. Still not too sure about what I think of it, but it was fun nonetheless.

On our way there the sun was setting and it was incredible. It was also really, really sweet to drive back on what we rode.

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