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Map of 2010 Route
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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day 63: Goodbye New York, Hello Connecticut

I was shocked once again as the group hit the road by 7:15 am. Today was my LAST driving day!!!!! It was kinda a bummer not to be able to ride out of the city, especially since there was hardly any traffic that early on a Sunday morning, but oh well. We made it to Greenwich, CT in time to join our hosts for their church service which allowed us to talk with a ton of people. A reporter for one of the local papers also met us to do a little bit of interviewing and take a few pictures to showcase the ride.

After church we had a great lunch with some of the family's friends and then headed back to the house, which was on the ocean to regroup. I grabbed my book and took a nice nap on the hammock, just my style. Then we talked with the Kings for a while about their travels and work in Rwanda. It was great to meet Leslie especially, as she is a board member for Partners in Health and has been able to work closely with Dr. Paul Farmer and other Partners in Health members. She even was given the Mountains Beyond Mountains manuscript as a gift by Tracy Kidder. That was very, very cool to look at and go through.

Even though it was gloomy and drizzling we headed to The Point for a picnic and some games with more family friends. Our time with this family and all their friends was amazing.

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