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Map of 2010 Route
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Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 61: Goodbye New Jersey, Hello New York

We shockingly got on the road at 7:15 so we could get into the city early and still have a majority of the day to go explore. I was impressed by our early wake up, that hasn't happened since the first week. Obviously we were pretty excited to get to NYC - but I don't think anyone could have been more excited than Jason, who was entering his hometown.

After a tour of his neighborhood, blasting Jay-Z's Empire State of Mind, we moved all our stuff into our apartment the was donated to us for the next 2 days. Since everyone now knows about my love of cupcakes and the likes, the first stop was Crumbs Bakery, which Jason wanted to take me to right away, knowing it was one of the best (which it definitely was). Then we took a stroll through Central Park and kinda all split off to do our own desired site-seeing after that. Luckily the city is super easy to navigate with the grid system and the streets being numbered.

My day consisted of going to Dylan's Candy Bar, Times Square, Madison Square Garden, back to Central Park, and then to Serendipity.

Dylan's Candy Bar is crazy! First off, it's the most candy I've ever seen in one place in my entire life. Second, it's 3 floors. And 3rd, it's the most ridiculously priced candy I've ever encountered, so my trip there was definitely more looking than indulging. After that I wandered down to Times Square.
I encountered a number of things in Times Square. Found the Naked Cowgirl, but not the Naked Cowboy. Of course saw the NBC, Late Night Show, and ABC studios. MTV was surprisingly so unnoticeable I passed it a few times and had to literally look up the address and still then it was not noticeable, which surprised me. Tons of lights and signs and craziness. And the amount of people was insane!

We all met back up around 6 at the boathouse in Central Park to meet with a woman and to talk about FACE AIDS and the ride with her. After that discussion, we all broke off again. I went to Serendipity with Claire and her sister Jill, who had been doing an internship in the city. Another one of Claire's friends also met up with us. It was nice to have some time with other girls again, didn't realize how long it'd been that I really have been with more people than those on the trip. Serendipity is known for its frrrozen hot chocolate, so of course I got one. And it was AMAZING. Really the first souvenir of the trip - a tin of the frrrozen hot chocolate mix. Maybe some of you will be lucky enough to try it when I get home...

Great day. On another note, people always say NYC is a bigger, dirtier Chicago, and I have to say I've never in my life seen rats in Chicago like I saw walking home - they are gigantic. So you make the call.

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