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Map of 2010 Route
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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day 49: Exploring Pittsburgh

I woke up to get a run in and got quite the workout encountering some ridiculous hills that were pretty much unavoidable. But, I'm glad the runs are getting back to normal and things are looking good on that front. I came back, cleaned up, and hung around for another amazing meal and guests. April, the cupcake master, and her family joined our group and hosts for breakfast and conversation.

After some debate and suggestions, we decided to hit up The Warhol today, the Andy Warhol Museum. Pittsburgh was Warhol's hometown, so they have all the goods. I'm a huge fan and was super pumped to check it out. I saw a touring Warhol exhibit last year while I was in Paris. I loved that and it was really interesting to see what pieces were touring compared to which pieces were in place in Pittsburgh. After viewing and pondering 7 floors worth of groundbreaking and some extremely provocative work, our group headed on to the next stop. (Unfortunately, no photography was allowed except in one room, so bummer for the lack of pictures...but I highly recommend a pit stop if you're ever in the area).

The next stop was Primanti Bros, which is famous for its sandwiches. They were originally made for the steelworkers and were intended for an on the run meal. So, all the components are one the sandwich - the meat, cheese, fries, coleslaw, and toppings. They're intense. Then we walked around the strip for a bit, exploring more of the city.

After we were satisfied with our day's endeavors, we headed back to join our hosts for some Thai food. I think this was the first time I've ever had Thai food and it was pretty tasty. We then spent a good chunk of time working out details for the next few days, as we start our trek on The Allegheny Trail tomorrow. Hopefully we worked out all the kinks...

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