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Map of 2010 Route

Map of 2010 Route
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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 31: Heat Advisory

Flat tire #2 today, but this time it was a speedy repair with one practice round under my belt. The wind was actually working in our favor today, and we cruised for the first 30 miles of the 67, which were completely flat. Around mile 30 though, we started to hit lots of roooooolling hills. I think that's what we have to look forward to for the next chunk of the ride. Today we also got to deal with some insane heat and humidity. I believe we passed a sign that read 105 degrees. Apparently today and tomorrow are to be the hottest days of the summer in Nebraska...figures. We also had the chance to experience some of Nebraska's crazy storms, with the tornado sirens and all. Shane even got stuck in the basement of a church for awhile, don't ask me how he got there to begin with.

Before the storm hit though, we had the chance to visit Creighton University, some of Omaha's downtown area, and The Old Market. It's nice to have a city to wander around in after a ride. There were a ton of cool shops and restaurants to look at to occupy our downtime. Tonight we have a new genre of hosts, a group of college girls living around campus for the summer. It's equally as fun to be hosted by peers as it is by alums. We're extremely grateful either way!

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