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Map of 2010 Route

Map of 2010 Route
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Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 29: Headwind

We waited out the storms this morning by sleeping in. I don't think anyone was complaining about that. However, our attitudes did a 180 when we got out on the roads... We were quite shocked by the unpleasant ride we finally started to embark on at 10:30. The headwinds were out of control and made a should have been easy ride into 85 miles of torture. I think this was my worst day out there. It was brutal. On flat roads like today we usually cruise at 20 mph pretty easily. Today it was a struggle to hit 12-13 mph most of the day. I was just mad for most of the day, resulting in a pictureless day (not that there was much to take pictures of today anyways). Not to mention my head was down most of the time pushing through the invisible brick wall ahead of us. Obviously today was rough, and I can only hope the winds die down tomorrow or better yet, change directions. But once again, we put another day behind us, and are another day closer to Boston.

On a different note, I did an interview over the phone this morning with Mr. Lanny Slevin for his radio show in Peru, IL. The Slevin family (one of my best friend's/teammate's/roommate's family) have been extremely helpful, helping us set up things for our stay in Peru, IL. This is just another example of how generous people have been along the way, which is greatly appreciated and helpful in our attempts to spread the word about the ride and about the FACE AIDS mission.

On another more positive note, maybe one of the few reasons I'm excited to be in the midwest is having the chance to see a lot of familiar faces, particularly once we get into Iowa and Illinois. I have been lucky to also have some other friends scattered throughout the route. These checkpoints are what break up the summer, keeping me going from one chunk to the next.
1. Friends in Boulder, CO
2. Friends in Des Moines, Iowa and Davenport, Iowa
3. Friends in Peru, Illinois
3. Friends at HOME in Batavia, Illinois
4. A bunch of friends in CHICAGO
5. Friends in Washington D.C.
6. Friends in Boston, Massachusetts
If you can't tell, I kinda miss my friends (and family of course) and being able to see any of them along the way is the best thing ever, especially when they pretty much all will join for a day or two of biking. I think I always appreciate my friends and family, but trips like this drive that point home. It's the people in your life that make it meaningful...LOVE YOU ALL!

Sorry... it was a rough day.

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  1. haha readin this post just makes me think of Kanas! Headwinds are the worst bc the demoralize you mentally as well and make you work twice as hard for half the distance! Keep it up though, i got faith in you guys. ALso make sure you bike in larger groups so that you can draft in the headwind, this will make you lives SIGNIFICANTLY easier. GOOD LUCK


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