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Map of 2010 Route

Map of 2010 Route
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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 26: Recuperation

Woke up feeling much better, but still not 100% and super dehydrated, I decided it'd probably be best to sacrifice one day of 50 miles for the long run. I think it was a good decision considering I don't really know how it's possible I could have slept anymore, but managed to pass out in the car pretty much the entire day.

We ended the day in North Platte, NE and entered the Central Time Zone. But we didn't stay much longer than it took to clean out the van and organize our gear. Then we were off to Mount Rushmore, where we will spend our rest day tomorrow. The drive was filled with more hay barrels, fields, cows, horses, and llamas.

We got into town around 9 pm and went to check out the carvings. They're pretty crazy. There was a speech and film that stirred up a lot of patriotism among the thousands of sightseers. Which in turn evoked lots of discussion within our group. Always an interesting conversation. The carvings were lit up and seem to send out a pretty powerful message and representation of America and its foundation.

We'll take another trip back to the park in the morning to view it in the light, hopefully with blue skies. I think we'll also explore the town a bit, considering it is riddled with touristy stuff and other major attractions, such as The Crazy Horse carving.

I'm pretty eager to get back on the bike already, and should be (aka. without a doubt will be) ready to go on Sunday.

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