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Map of 2010 Route
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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 25: Goodbye Colorado, Hello Nebraska

For once I was glad it was my turn to drive...I woke up with the FLU! Ugh. If I hate anything more than being sick, it's being sick away from home, especially on a trip like this. Even though the day was overcast by that, it still brought some laughs and great conversations about Nebraska and the ride with some locals.

For instance, Mike was riding with me since he needs to replace his back tire - he keeps getting flats. So we stopped off in Julesburg, in search of the bike shop he had found online. As we pull up, the sign reads "Open Every Other Week, Friday and Saturday. Hours: 1:30-5:00" So that didn't work out. Later he attempted a shop in North Platte...and forgot we change time zones again, so we failed on that one too. Whoops. Anyways...

We drove onto our destination, Ogallala, NE. We're into our 5th state! Unfortunately, we were not able to catch a picture of the state sign because of construction and no place to pull over, but luckily Claire took the time to snap a shot when she passed by. We were once again graced with kindness at the Roadside Inn with the help of staff at a full Comfort Inn. So we ditched all the bags and headed to meet the crew for some lunch. After they hit the road again, we got a call from Jason, filled with confusion...

The construction led us to this next incident. Jason somehow stepped in some wet cement and ended up knee deep in it. Fortunately, a cement truck stopped a few minutes into our attempt to clean him and his bike off with our cooler. The awesome driver let him use the pressurized hose to clean everything up, leaving it as good as new.

Maybe the last event of the day was passing the biggest cow farm I have ever seen. And it definitely cleared out the sinuses...WOW. You could smell this thing for miles. Good thing the group steered off onto a frontage road and bypassed the area's aroma.

The day of driving ended, and I took the opportunity to sleep and rest. Hopefully I'll be back to 100% after tonight and maybe one more day of rest. We'll see what the morning has to bring.

Sorry for the lack of pictures, I'll get back on being a countryside paparazzi as soon as possible.

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