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Map of 2010 Route
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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 23: The Conclusion of the Boulder Experience

My experiences in Boulder were wrapped up today. We fit a ton of stuff into the last day, starting off with a morning rafting trip in Idaho Springs on Clear Creek. It was a little more calm than we were expecting, but still pretty fun nonetheless. Apparently, we missed the tough stuff by a few weeks as the water level has dropped since then. We went through 5 rapids, saw a ton of beautiful sites, and floated by the oldest and biggest gold mine in the state. We also saw a huge water wheel and waterfall. Overall, we were glad we had the rafting experience...I don't think any of us could have left CO without rafting.

Sam, Wally, and I with our Argentinean guide, Ivan.
Then Wally and I hit up Pearl Street for lunch at Paradise, followed by a trip to Rocky Mountain National Park. The park was amazing. We saw some more amazing sites, a number of animals (chipmunks, deer, elk, and marmots), and built a snowman. I've always wanted to build a snowman or be in snow in the summertime - and it finally actually came true.

We finished up the day with an awesome dinner at Mad Greens and a stroll around 29th Street. I'm off to Denver in the morning to meet back up with the rest of the crew as we'll all begin our trek forward again, forging on to Sterling, CO.

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