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Map of 2010 Route
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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day 55: D.C. Finale

I woke up to discover the day would be too short to see everything I still wanted to see. So I got creative and decided to get my run in while I site-saw. I mapped out all the memorials and monuments I hadn't seen yet and set out for a 6 hour extravaganza.

I started at The Smithsonian National Zoo. Wandered around there for a bit and obviously through the reptile house. Then I ran over to The Ghana Cafe. Unfortunately, they weren't open yet, and I was pretty bummed after looking at their menu, I could have definitely gone for some Red-Red for lunch. Still pretty cool just to look at the menu and laugh at my first attempts at eating most of it over 2 years ago while I studied abroad in Ghana.

After that I headed towards The Lincoln Memorial. Maybe I'm biased being from Illinois, but I think The Lincoln Memorial is by far the coolest one, with Jefferson being a close runner-up.

After seeing Lincoln, I wandered through the mall a bit and stumbled upon The Vietnam War Memorial, The Korean War Memorial, The World War I Memorial, The FDR Memorial, and The George Mason Memorial. Eventually I did make my way over to The Jefferson Memorial as well. On my way back I also ran into The Holocaust Memorial Museum.

I'm sure there's still a ton that I missed, but I was pretty impressed with my abundance of sites for the day.

After my long day out exploring, we gave another presentation about the ride. It's always the most fun to finish up with a question and answer session. I love having the chance to answer individuals' questions from a personal point of view and also to listen to the rest of the group's answers. I think we learn a lot, and a lot about each other, during the presentations as well maybe hearing answers to questions we don't necessarily ask amongst ourselves.

Then I did get the chance to try yet another cupcake shop, Hello Cupcake. This was definitely right up there with Georgetown Cupcakes... Very impressive. Then I was able to meet up with the IWU crew once more before I departed D.C. We wandered through Adams Morgan and were shocked by the amount of people on the streets. We also experienced the famous Jumbo Slice pizza. Literally the biggest piece of pizza I have ever seen, and it was actually pretty good.

D.C. was an amazing city and I loved exploring it. I had a great time and some more great friends to meet up with along the way. On to Baltimore tomorrow!

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  1. Kirsten - I can't believe you biked after eating Jumbo Slice the night before. I was feeling pretty poor the next morning from that huge pizza


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