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Map of 2010 Route

Map of 2010 Route
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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day 34: Heat Rash

Today was quite a long day. It was insanely hot again and my legs freaked out. I have been getting small heat rashes most days, but today, for some reason, it spread and covered both of my legs. Gross. Of course I was cautious, I think I drank literally 8 liters of water today and some Gatorade, plus I threw in a few rest stops. To give you a little context, it was so hot today my bag of chocolate chips melted...in the car...which had AC.

As if 120 miles wasn't long enough for the day, Sanford and I both missed a turn and ended up adding almost 10 miles just for good luck. So I ended the day with the longest distance of the trip yet at 128 miles. WOAH. Also had my 3rd flat tire, but this time there was a culprit other than wear and tear...a staple. Bummer.

I also passed Skydive Iowa and saw someone landing their jump...SO JEALOUS! Otherwise, lots of green still and lots of fields.

We're staying with some of my friends again!!! So happy we have the chance to stop and stay with them. We are all pretty beat after about an 11 hour day on the bike, so tomorrow's newly formed rest day will be spent exploring Iowa City and definitely relaxing (and sleeping in).

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