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Map of 2010 Route
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Saturday, June 12, 2010

It's Here.

So I flew out to San Francisco on Thursday after about 3 1/2 months of anticipation. I literally cannot believe it's here. So much work has been put into this and there is so much work still ahead of us.

I love everything out here and the people I'll be with all summer are great. The past couple days and until we leave on Monday have been dedicated to getting to know each other and going over lots of logistics and answering any questions we can come up with, and most importantly having a good time. We've been all over getting last minute loose ends tied up.
We also went back into San Francisco last night and went to a Giants game, and my friend Mike Preuss was able to meet up with us. He just moved to the city about a week ago to work for formspring.me.

We also went for a ride this morning, which was a really good idea, considering we're all pretty inexperienced. I learned how to clip in and was surprised I didn't fall....until the last mile of 20...but I was expecting that to happen sooner rather than later. Good thing I had practiced the night before in the hallway with my host Austin, one of the riders from last year. He held my bike while I tried to clip in a million times clinging to anything I could hold onto. But, I'm feeling pretty good with them now, and it'll only get better. (There were other wipeouts too, so no worries, we all had some good laughs).

I cannot even imagine how the summer is going to be, it's already indescribable. The sites this morning just through the Palo Alto area were breathtaking. And going down hills (and soon mountains is unreal)...we easily hit 30 with our brakes on. It makes the grueling climb up it worthwhile. And I already know the best purchase I made was my camelback, and it will be my new best friend.

Another big thanks to the Daily Herald. Reporter Andrew Steckling wrote a piece about the ride as well as reporter Sammi King, who also mentioned the ride in her work. All the articles have been a HUGE help to spread the word and let people know more about the ride.

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