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Map of 2010 Route

Map of 2010 Route
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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 16: Goodbye Utah, Hello Colorado

With only 40 miles ahead of us, we opted for a late start, so Mike and I headed to The Arches National Park for the morning. Arches National Park preserves many sandstone arches and other wild rock formations. The most famous formations are the Delicate Arch and the Balanced Rock, which we obviously scoped out. The views and other landscapes were gorgeous as well.

The Delicate Arch required quite a hike to get an up-close view. Unfortunately, I didn't really realize we were going to be doing any hiking so I wore my flip flops...and on the hike back down, they broke. Figures. So I went barefoot for the last 30 minutes back to the car. I just kept thinking about the TOMS' One Day Without Shoes campaign, pretending it came around again and I was just participating in it again. No big deal, kind of funny looking back on it.

We also got a far out view of the Delicate Arch from a viewing area.

After our morning activities, we packed up the van and headed out to our starting point on I-70. It feels so weird to say that we have a short ride of 40 miles, when prior to this trip the longest ride I had ever done was 40 miles...and that was only 1 time...over a year ago. SO pretty much, I think I've adjusted to the mileage and have learned how to approach it mentally and physically.

With today's ride we entered our fourth state, Colorado! I really can't believe we have already been through 3 states and are still forging on at full speed toward Boston, MA.

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