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Map of 2010 Route

Map of 2010 Route
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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 11: Goodbye Nevada, Hello Utah

As soon as we started our 82 mile trip this morning we said goodbye to Nevada and crossed into our 3rd state, Utah, and the Mountain Time Zone. But Utah didn't give us much today scenery wise, besides salt flats and more desert. So it was a long ride of not much to look at and about 102 degrees. Fortunately, conversation made up for that as Mike and I tagged up with the Push America team again after we all had to rack our bikes up for a couple of miles through construction. I can't even begin to explain the benefits of riding with a bigger group. For one, you get to take turns baring the brunt of the work (pulling) and for the rest of the time you get to draft off of the people in front of you, which really, really helps. And then of course, meeting more people, talking about our causes, and pretty much just having a great time.

The Push America guys started sporting FACE AIDS pins today on their jerseys. It works really well with our "How do you wear your pin?" campaign, so of course we took a few pictures to post. The "How do you wear your pin?" campaign is photography based, capturing how different groups of people support FACE AIDS and literally how they display their FACE AIDS pin. I think it's pretty cool another group of cross-country bikers have taken up our cause as well and show off FACE AIDS pins while riding.

We finally got to Delta after a long day on the road. We are lucky enough to have a gym to sleep in tonight and will head out again in the morning with Salina, UT in mind.

Other news...
It's Mike's 21st birthday!
Shane is feeling well enough to meet back up with us tomorrow!
AND (not so exciting) I feel like the tinman, and someone needs to oil my knees!


  1. Hey Kristen, I love readin your blog! It has become a daily routine of mine...wake up, get coffee, sit at my desk at work (pretending to be busy), and reading your blog.

    You might want to double check the height of your seat to make sure you are not over or under-extending your legs if your knees are hurting. You can also check if you seat is too far forwards or backwards (in the horizontal direction). This could cause your knees to hurt if your knee is is not inline with the toes of your shoes (you do not want your knee past your toe of your shoe) . Anyways just thought i would lend some advice.

    Good luck out there!

  2. Thanks Dave! I'm so glad people are reading it AND enjoying it. It's much more fun to write it and post pictures knowing who is reading it and that they look forward to it. I will definitely have to look into my seat - that would be great if it was a small fix like that. Thanks for the advice!


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